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What is an Online Receipt Generator?

An online receipt generator is a web-based tool that helps you generate receipts without downloading any software or app. Moreover, the receipt generator by InvoiceOwl is totally free to use. Therefore it lets you create the receipts for free. It lets you record all the payments professionally in seconds. This tool is best for contractors wanting to produce payment receipts on the spot.

InvoiceOwl Receipt Generator Features

  • Create and send accurate estimates

    Accurate Receipts

    Create professional receipts effortlessly with a few simple clicks and get a PDF of it.

  • Edit your estimates

    100% Editable

    Personalize your receipts by adding your brand logo and your company information.

  • Effective professional estimates templates

    Effective Templates

    Use professional receipt templates for effectiveness.

  • Access estimates from anywhere

    Access From Anywhere

    Create receipts from anywhere through any device or the browser.

  • Automate Financial Information


    Automate calculations and reduce touchpoints to avoid discrepancies.

  • Easily convert the estimates

    Save it For Records

    Download the receipt in PDF for bookkeeping.

Essential Elements For Every Online Receipt Generator

  • Title

    Every receipt must contain the title “Receipt” on the top with bold and readable fonts. Since a receipt and invoice have a thin line of difference between one another, you might confuse the customer by not mentioning it.

    Other than that, it helps when you are organizing and sorting your invoices and receipts in bulk.

  • Receipt Date

    The receipt date is the date of payments done. It denotes the date when your customer paid you. This is essential as it decides whether the customer has to pay the late payment penalty or not.

  • Receipt Number

    The receipt number is to identify each transaction individually. It is linked to the invoice number. Especially when invoice date and receipt dates are different, the receipt number is the one that links the corresponding invoice with it.

    The receipt number can be numerical, alphabetical, or a mix of both. In whatever style you number them, just make sure you sequentially number them. They should be in a series so that it gets easy to recall and track in the future. And for that purpose, accountants prefer to include the date in the number as well.

  • Vendor’s Company Logo

    The vendor company logo is for branding the receipt. The logo helps customers to verify the receipt’s genuineness. Moreover, receipts are a great opportunity for vendors to market the brand. It helps in getting the customer to repeat business with you.

  • Client’s Company Details

    Client’s company details indicate the payer. It is the same details that go in the “To” column of the corresponding invoice. This eliminates the chances of fraud claims and protects you against legal suits.

    Moreover, it helps you generate the customer aging reports and customer payment history.

  • Vendor’s Company Details

    Vendor’s company details are nothing but your company information. The logo is also a part of this. You need to provide your contact number, physical address, email address, and website. This is to claim the receipt is generated by your company.

  • Shipping Address

    Shipping address is the address where you are supposed to deliver the goods. The shipping address doesn’t need to be the same as the client’s address. Therefore, you need to mention it clearly on the receipt. Other than that, the shipping address justifies the shipping costs.

    However, if the billing and shipping addresses are the same, you can always write —same as the billing address, in the column.

  • Purchase Item Details

    Each product/service you sold should be mentioned with its name, description, quality, rates, and the total cost. Line items provide a cost breakup of the total amount and maintain transparency and double ensure the total number of items to be sold.

    Moreover, it helps to record what items the customer paid for.

  • Discounts

    The discounts you offer might not be the same every day. Thus, mentioning the discounts is necessary to make the receipt easy to understand. It helps you justify the total and remember how much discount you offered to that client on this particular business deal.

  • Tax Rates

    Mentioning tax further breaks down the total paid amount and helps explain it. This also shows that the customer has paid the taxes lawfully.

  • Shipping Charges

    Shipping charges are generally not included in the cost of the items mentioned. Thus if you do not state the shipping charges, the customer might suspect some hidden charges and this breaks your professional reputation.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms and conditions are included mainly to clarify the possibilities and process of refunds.

  • Total Amount

    The total amount that the customer has paid you. Even if the client has paid you a part payment, you need to mention that.

Create Your Receipt In just a Few Clicks

InvoiceOwl receipt generator allows you to create customized receipts with pre-designed templates for efficiency. So, you need to only follow these simple steps to create a payment receipt in just a few seconds.

Step 1: Select and Customize the Template

Click on the “Settings” button in the upper right corner to customize the template.

It will open the settings window.

Select from the six predefined templates for creating branded and professional-looking receipts.

Now, customize the:

  • Currency
  • Currency format
  • Date format
  • Number of decimal digits
  • Category of shipping address
  • Logo position

Once you have customized the template, click on the —Save.

select and customize the template

add a logo

Step 2: Add a Logo

To upload your business logo, click the “add logo” box, and upload the logo in an image format (such as png, jpg, or svg) from your computer.

Step 3: Add Your Business Address

Tap on the box “From” to enter your business name, contact number, mailing address, and email address.

add your business address

add customers contact detail

Step 4: Add Customer’s Contact Details

To enter the customer’s address, click on the “Bill To” field and enter the name, contact number, physical address, and email address.

Similarly, enter the shipping address. If the shipping address is the same as the billing address, check the “Shipping address same as billing address” option.

It will auto-fill the shipping address the same as the entered “Bill To”.

Step 5: Receipt Details

Next are the receipt details such as:

  • Receipt number
  • Receipt date
  • Invoice number

receipt details

add line item

Step 6: Add Line-items

To add line items to the receipt, enter the sold item’s name, description, price, and quantity. And it will automatically calculate the total cost of the item.

Once you have entered the item details, hit the “Add New Item” button.

You can add as many items as you want to the receipt, and the receipt generator will calculate the subtotal and total automatically.

Step 7: Total Amount

To calculate the total amount, you need to enter:

  • Any discount offered
  • Taxes applicable
  • Shipping charges

The receipt creator lets you feed discounts and taxes as percentages or directly in fixed value amounts.

Enter the shipping charges, and it will automatically calculate the total and the amount to the decimal digits you previously selected in Settings.

total amount

add the notes and terms

Step 8: Add Notes and Terms

Adding notes and terms helps you personalize the receipt and guide your customers with the refund process if they have any disputes.

To add the notes and terms, select the respective field and type in your notes and/or terms and conditions.

That’s all!

You have now generated a professional receipt.

How to Send a Receipt Using the InvoiceOwl Receipt Creator

Once you have generated the receipt, you can preview it online.


Click on the preview button in the menu on the right side.

Once the preview is generated, you can change the template without losing any data at the preview stage too.


sending receipt online

Sending Receipt Online

When you are satisfied with how it looks in the preview, click on the “send button” in the menu on the right side.

It will ask you to confirm the “From & Bill To” email addresses.

Make sure the email addresses are correct and hit the send button.

The receipt will be sent to the “Bill To” email address as a PDF file.

Saving and Sending the Receipt Offline

If you want to save the receipt to send it offline, click on the “download” button, to get the printable PDF file, which you can either save as a copy on your device or print to send via offline means.

saving and sending the receipt offline

What are the Benefits of Using Our Receipt Generator?

  • Save time creating invoices from scratch
    Time Efficiency

    Save time creating receipts from scratch. This receipt generator helps you create professional receipts quickly with pre-designed receipt templates.

  • Generate invoices for free
    Cost Efficiency

    Our receipt generator lets you generate payment receipts for free. Moreover, if you want to edit a receipt, you can do that without paying extra costs.

  • Send the invoices via email or via mail
    Send it Online or Offline

    This receipt creator provides you with a professional receipt as a PDF file. So, send it via email.

  • Create and send error-free invoices online
    Error-free Receipts

    This online receipt generator narrows down the possibility of human errors like typing mistakes and mathematical errors by eliminating the most human touchpoints.

  • Create and send invoices without any registration or commitment
    No Commitments Required

    Since our receipt generator is free to use, you can create and send receipts without any registration or commitment. Get your hands on it for free before you invest.

Tips for Creating Receipts

Receipts are the last documents that you send your clients. Thus, you need to make your receipts stand out to make the client remember you when they need similar services. So, here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your receipts.

  • Create estimates as preciseBe Quick

    Once the customer has paid the amount he/she eagerly waits for the payment receipt to record the transaction. Thus, you need to issue them receipts as promptly as possible.

  • Keep it simpleKeep it Simple

    The main objective of the receipt is to record a payment. So, keep that in mind while mentioning all the other details.

  • You need to send a contract along with itWrite a Thank You Note

    Once the client pays you, write a thank you note to show them you are grateful for the business you had with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my clients see “InoviceOwl” on the receipt?

    Not at all. This receipt generator lets you create unbranded receipts regardless of whether you have signed up to InvoiceOwl or not.

  • Can I add my logo to personalize the receipt template?

    Yes, you can! InvoiceOwl receipt maker lets you add your logo to make it an integral part of your brand.

  • Can I make a PDF receipt?

  • How do I send a receipt?

  • Can I save my receipts and customer details?

  • Can I select different currency options?

    Yes, you can create the receipt of any currency irrespective of your country.

  • Do you have an invoice generator?

    Yes, we do! We have an estimate generator and purchase order generator as well in addition to the invoice generator.